The 24 Hour Project
24 Hour Project

Time has become such an important factor in most peoples lives with the usual sentence being, “I didn’t/don’t have enough time to do this or that”. What we then have in response is “you should make time”. Now we all know that you can’t MAKE time but what we can do is PLAN our time more wisely. Planning our time can be such a great thing todo because it usually results in us getting more things done because we focus our time at the task in hand and then we move onto the next item on our list when the planned slot arrives. This can work out great if you know that something is going to take 20-30 minutes or that the other thing is going to take you another hour but in this day and age with constant progression and need for things to get completed, these 30 minute jobs turn into and hour and the hour job turns into an entire work day, a nightmare.

Why do all of these things matter though? “Just get on with it”, you say to yourself. These things matter because when it comes to new ideas and new projects that don’t fall into the category of, “This is earning money now or once I have hit the deadline” they get sidelined for a “free” day that never seems to come. Like most creatives I have a list of ideas written down on scraps and half baked designs waiting to fleshed out so I have decided that next week I am going to set a day or to be more specific, 24 hours, where a project is going to be decided, design, developed and published within 24 hours.

The idea of this project stems from a couple of other individuals and companies that create and launch MVP’s. The likes of and a more recent one Mackenzie Child. Once the project has started I will be vlogging and blogging throughout the creative process until launch and will then set the finished project out into the world.

Further details will be posted over the coming days as to the chosen day of creation. Feel free to keep checking back and onto the My Design Twitter to follow the progress.

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