24hr Project : Leap Project Management
24 Hour Project

Ok, I’m cheating a little bit here but thought I would give myself a run up to the project so I can spend the 24 hours on development rather than worrying about colour palettes and branding. So with a little help from free resources and other MVP’s I can introduce you to Leap, simplistic project management for individuals.

Leap Project Management

Leap is going to be an MVP of a product that I have wanted to create for a long time. I have been looking for a simple product that I can use to manage my projects but there has always been ONE main issue with these products. They are not suitable for individuals. From the registration process to the use of the application there is always a mention of team or add a team member. This is great when you work inside a group of people to share ideas and to progress through the same project together but when you are the entire team, these options become annoying and get in the way of getting things done.

Don’t get me wrong there is another option, the ever faithful to do list. There is nothing wrong with a to do list, they have helped and guided me through a lot of projects but they always just feel like that, a list. I want something more. I want to be able to see where  am with a project at a glance and what notes are being mentioned by the client as well as have a list of tasks that I need to complete to get this job done.


What is Leap project management

Introducing Leap. Leap will fill this gap, most of which at launch but if successful even just for me, will be developed upon and grown to accommodate varying amounts of users and experiences but keeping one thing in common. Simplistic project management. Non of the clutter that just gets in the way, just simple stats that tell you where you are and what you need to do by what date.

Below are the initial ideas of Leap and what it will look like (at least to start off with).


Leap: Project Management


Branding has been modded from one of the free logo ideas available at Logo Dust and colour palette has been based on one from the inspiration of this project, LOLColors. Both of these are definitely making my project easier. Keep checking back to keep up to date with progress and to see the final product at launch on getleap.co (Yep, got a domain as well. Shhhhh).

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