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Have you heard of a site that has really grown traction over the past year or so called Product Hunt? It is a site that curates a list of the latest products, sites and apps for the given day and allow people to up-vote and comment on the given product with the creators. It is a fantastic website and really has helped me discover some amazing products that are either just cool or very very useful that I use to this day.

So that’s product hunt, but what about Salary Hunt? Salary Hunt was a simple website that I put together in a morning using a couple of API’s for people to get a “general” idea of what they could be paid in different locations around the UK. I built this app for a bit of fun and didn’t think anything of it but when I was clearing out my Digital Ocean account, this was one of the sites that was there so I thought “Why the hell not”.

The following day I had a Twitter notification to tell me that I had been added as a maker on Product Hunt and that my product was on there. I really didn’t think that this simple idea with very little time would get any attention, let alone world wide. It has received 131 up-votes at the time of this article and on the day of posting received over 2000 unique visits and a further 2000 for the rest of the week.

It just goes to show that MVP ideas are really good to put out there to test the water. Off the back of this I will be upgrading Salary Hunt and it’s API’s to make it into a better and more viable product in the future.

Check Salary Hunt out on Product Hunt.

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